We assume that your company employs intelligent and creative people. If you don’t, please stop reading now and go back to doing what you were doing before, otherwise keep reading.

Still here? Great.

So what happens when one of your intelligent employees comes up with a great idea that has nothing to do with your business? Typically they have two choices:

  1. Quit their job to pursue their entrepreneurial dream.

  2. Stay in their job, grow increasingly resentful of the opportunity that have had to forego, and, eventually, die having led an unfulfilled life.

Neither outcome seems to be optimal for your company. What is your current strategy to cope with this dilemma? Hope that none of your employees come up with good ideas? Well, hope is not a strategy.

Kentron solves this problem. Kentron creates a tailored innovation sandpit for your company where your employees can, within well-defined and managed constraints, collaboratively work on a suite of projects in a way that is beneficial to both them and your company.

Companies benefit by:

  • Not having their brightest and most capable people leaving the company to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

  • Employee-led innovation that can expand business models for companies. Encouraging employees to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, even on ideas that may be unrelated to the core business of a company, has spillover benefits in the form of triggers for innovation in the core business of any company.

  • Having employees work collaboratively on innovation projects enhances teamwork that also has spillover benefits for the client company.

  • Having a formal, legally-binding, process for taking an equity stake in any spin-off company that arises from the support of an employee in a company’s innovation sandpit.

Employees benefit by:

  • Not having to forego the security of a paid job to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. This, alone, massively encourages employees to develop an innovation mindset.

  • Being able to pursue innovation in a protected environment e.g. where their Intellectual Property is protected and where contributions to success are recognized and rewarded

  • Not having to confront the many challenges associated with starting a new company. Kentron undertakes all administration such as GST returns, tax returns, company returns etc., integrating across all Kentron-managed sandpits and all projects within those sandpits. Management of Kentron finances across multiple sandpits and projects is managed through the in-house Kentron platform.

  • Being able to call on the skills and expertise of others who they share their professional work lives with accelerates progress on the development of innovative ideas.

The overall result is employees that report higher job satisfaction and companies that retain their top talent. For more information about how Kentron does this, please read the Kentron Concept.