The Kentron Charter, Shareholder Agreement and Company Constitution balance the needs for control, management, legal liability and autonomy between four primary parties:

(1) Kentron Ltd, (2) the client company, (3) project leaders, and (4) project participants. Kentron Ltd has its own shareholders (listed on the New Zealand Companies Office web page) who appoint a Board of Directors. It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to ensure that the legal terms and conditions defining the operation of Kentron, the various Kentron-managed sandpits, the Kentron Charter, Shareholder Agreement and Company Constitution, are adhered to, and to guide all incubating projects across all sandpits in a fair manner. The Board of Directors appoints a Managing Director who works with the Kentron Sandpit Managers who oversee and manage the functioning of individual sandpits in various client organisations.

A contract between Kentron and the client organisation defines the terms and conditions under which Kentron provides its services and the way in which the client’s sandpit is managed.

To the extent possible, and within the boundary conditions defined by the Kentron Shareholder Agreement and Company Constitution, control of the evolution of projects vests with the Project Leader. Sandpit Managers, making extensive use of the Kentron sandpit management platform, act as the management and communication conduit between the sandpit Project Leaders, Kentron management, and the client organisation.